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US Bill of Rights (Audiobook)
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US Bill of Rights (Audiobook)
By James Madison

In less than 60 minutes of listening to this audiobook, you will have heard the original United States Bill of Rights, the 17 other amendments to the United States Constitution, and much more. Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone, MP3 compatible.
To improve your understanding of the Bill of Rights, we have included original readings and commentary related to this subject, such as Alexander Hamilton's argument against the Bill of Rights and details on the origins of the Bill of Rights and the Anti-Federalists.

This information will furnish you with original source material, giving you a fuller understanding of the context and events surrounding the Bill of Rights. Whether you are doing a book report for school or just want to brush up on your American history, this is a great place to start.

This product is part of the Simply Magazine Great Thoughts series, which emphasizes short readings so you can spend your valuable time thinking about the subjects, with time to re-listen to these original works. It's easy to find what you're looking for because tracks are organized by subject. For example, many people in book clubs discuss the subject after each track. This also works well for teachers, especially as track lengths are relatively short.


Featured Tracks:

1. Bill of Rights: General Contents
2. Contents of the other 17 Amendments
3. General origins of the Bill of Rights
4. An argument against the Bill of Rights, Led by Alexander Hamilton
5. Anti-Federalists
6. The Massachusetts Compromise that Led to Ratification
7. Antecedents
8. Incorporation by States
9. Reading of the Bill of Rights
10. Reading of the 17 Other Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
11. Summary

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