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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is Taken Seriously
When you make a purchase in the Simply Magazine™ online store, join our newsletter, or answer one of our surveys, you may choose to give us basic information: name, email address, mailing address, ZIP code, phone, and credit card numbers. This allows us to process your transactions more efficiently, and ultimately, to give you a higher caliber of customer service. The personal information we collect is primarily intended to offer better customer service and to improve communications. When a purchased item is not immediately available, many of our customers appreciate receiving an email to update the status of their order. We also may need to contact customers by phone, postal mail, or email if questions arise regarding their orders.

Information Secure Under Lock And Key
We take all reasonable steps to protect our customers' personal information against loss, misuse, and alteration. We use encryption technology whenever receiving personal information on our site.

When you make a purchase online, either a solid key or a locked padlock icon will appear in the lower right of your browser window while browsing our checkout pages. This icon indicates that your transaction session is secured through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Update Your Information
Updating your contact information is quick and easy. Just login with your username and password and from the homepage you will see a link to “View Account” right under your name.   You can unsubscribe from our email newsletter mailing list in this manner as well. 

Protecting Children's Privacy
Simply Magazine™ adheres to a strict privacy code regarding children and does not knowingly accept personal information from any child. If it is brought to our attention that a subscriber is under age, we will immediately remove all personal and identifiable information from our records in compliance with the Online Children's Privacy Protection Act of 1998.

Cookies Are Served
"Cookies" are small amounts of data that are stored on your computer. They find their way to your browser via a Web server. They sound friendly and helpful because they are. They flag information about your activity on our Web site. This information helps us improve our site and make it friendlier and easier to use. We never use cookies to save passwords, credit card numbers, or other highly confidential information.

Links To Sites And Services
At times, we provide links our customers may be interested in. Simply Magazine™ is not responsible for these sites. If you choose to explore these sites and services, we suggest that you carefully review their individual Privacy Policies.

A Privacy Promise
We support and adhere to the guidelines and practices adopted by the Direct Marketing Association's "Privacy Promise." In so doing, we agree to comply with a customer's requests to not share their information with other companies or to contact them for marketing purposes by postal mail, telephone, or email.

Privacy Policy Updates
Efforts to bring new services, ideas, and partners to benefit our customers may make it necessary to amend our Privacy Policy. If this occurs, we will post the new policy on our Web site. Once posted, the new policy will go into effect immediately, replacing any previously stated policy.

Questions Anyone?
If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, we will do our best to answer them. Here's how to contact us .

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